Zagori: Sponsor and supporter of Athletic events throughout Greece


ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water, confirming its motto “Οnly good inside”, steadily supports  sporting events throughout Greece, thereby promoting the message of “fair play”, “ευ αγωνιζεσθαι” of Ancient Greeks.

During one weekend of October 2022, ZAGORI natural mineral water was a supporter of three athletic events in Mykonos, Lamia and Crete, “running” next to thousands of enthusiastic participants! More specifically, Zagori was present as a sponsor or supporter at the 1st Mykonos Running Festival (1-2 October 2022), Lamia Night Run (1-2 October 2022) and finally at the 6th Crete Half Marathon, that took place on October the 2nd, 2022.

ZAGORI Natural mineral water always supports actions, people and groups in their efforts towards a higher purpose and those that serve values ​​such as the sports ideal and fair play. Exercising and practicing sports is not only essential for human health, it is an essential element of one’s culture and society




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