ZAGORI Sparkling glass bottle 250ml

The ZAGORI 0.25L sparkling water bottle, in shades of deep blue and the special sparkling flavor of ZAGORI, elevates your ‘sparkling’ experience, and accompanies your dinner in the most exciting way. 

The bottle is available for exports.

82,2 Calcium / Ca++
2,67 Magnesium / Mg++
0,0 NH4 +
2,51 Natrium / Na+
0,82 Calium / K+
7,8 pH
243,7 HCO
3,23 Cl -
0,0 NO 2

The "sparkling" premium experience with bubbles!

Discover the elegant Zagori sparkling bottles that make every moment and dinner occasion special.  In three different hydration and rejuvenation sizes.