Our Go Green strategy

Nature is the the source of our existence. Our goal is to contribute through our operations and products to the preservation of  Nature and our natural environment. We have embedded this aspiration in our Sustainability Strategy.

Introducing the new ZAGORI GO GREEN product range

The Zagori Go Green initiative is a proof of our commitment to further improve our environmental footprint  and  to reduce  the use of new plastic in our packaging.

  • We are the first company in the water bottling industry in Greece to introduce a natural mineral water range in bottles made of 30% recycled plastic, the Zagori Go Green range 
  • This innovation in our natural mineral water packaging materials,  the use of   30% recycled plastic (rPET) for the bottles production, was applied 5 years earlier than the corresponding legislation.

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions

We actively strive for the  continuous reduction  in our environmental impact by lowering our energy footprint and reducing our carbon (CO2) emissions. 

  • We are using hybrid fuel technology in 50% of our privately owned transportation fleet with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint by 12%.
  • We replaced all lighting in our premises with economical LED lamps.
  • 100% of the electricity we use in our facilities comes from renewable energy sources, with a zero carbon footprint

Enhancing the circular economy

We are constantly working on measuring and reducing our environmental footprint at every stage of our packaging life cycle: starting with the packaging materials we use and produce, bottling, product transport and recycling.

  • As a pioneer in our industry, we introduced the returnable glass  bottle, and  a complete range in glass bottles.
  • We have reduced the percentage of plastic (PET) in our packaging by approximately 20% in the past years.
  • Our products are produced with 100% recyclable packaging.
  • We forward remaining plastic waste to recycling facilities.

Sharing the Recycling Message

In order to safeguard our precious ecosystem, we must collectively cultivate environmental awareness and responsibility by inspiring more people, but always also through our own actions and operations.

  • We are a member of the National Collective System “Reliable Recycling”, for more than 10 years.
  • We supported the creation of the “Recycling and Environmental Education Parks” in Athens and Ioannina.
  • We raise environmental awareness by implementing informative and educational actions in primary and secondary schools in municipalities all over the Greece.
  • Our effort is to always take actions for the recycling of the products consumed in sporting activities sponsored by our products, by placing recycling stands and special 4-stream bins.

Protecting our water sources

We are committed to preserving our water sources. We never want to take more than nature can provide.

  • We constantly monitor water consumption indicators and apply the relevant legislation to protect the water sources that offer us Zagori natural mineral water.

With official certifications

Certification of the production process of r-PET packaging materials by TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD).

Certification for all recyclable packaging materials of all ZAGORI mineral water products.

Annual certifications based on the environmental standards ISO 14001: 201