ZAGORI: Brand of the Year at the Healthy Diet Awards 2022


ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water of CHITOS ABEE won 7 awards at the Healthy Diet Awards 2022, standing out among a total of 80 nominations.

The Institution’s highest distinction, the Grand Award – Healthy Food & Beverage Brand of the Year, was awarded to ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water, which confirms, once again, its special value, its natural wealth and its unique composition.

ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water also received the Platinum Award title, as the healthiest choice in the wider category of Beverages, while in the Water category it won the top, the Gold Award, thanks to its unique composition that is “made” by the nature of the Natura Zagori region, without any processing.  Every drop of ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water is characterized by a rich combination of metals, trace elements and electrolytes, by an ideally mild alkalinity of 7.8 pH and a low salt content. These special characteristics of ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water, and its balanced taste, have brought it to first place in sales and in consumer preference for bottled water in Greece.

Zagori Sparkling Natural mineral water was distinguished with 2 Silver awards in the categories of  “Free from or Low”, Beverage Products and Light Beverage Products and 1 Bronze in the Special Beverage Products category. Also, it received 1 Gold Award as the best natural drink, in the Natural and Organic Awards, awarded at the same time. ZAGORI Sparkling uniquely combines the values ​​of ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water with natural aromas, refreshing bubbles, with 0  calories, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners and no preservatives.


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