ZAGORI glass bottle 500ml

The ZAGORI 0.5L glass bottle, with its minimalist design, is the ideal choice to share the coolness and refreshment of ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water for any special occasion. 

The bottle is available in hotels, as well as in selected supermarket markets.

82,2 Ασβέστιο / Ca++
2,67 Μαγνήσιο / Mg++
0,0 NH4 +
2,51 Νάτριο / Na+
0,82 Κάλιο / K+
7,8 pH
243,7 HCO
3,23 Cl -
0,0 NO 2

A unique hydration experience!

ZAGORI glass bottles offer you the purity of ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water in three different sizes to suit any special occasion.