ZAGORI Sparkling glass bottle 330ml

Our stylish 0.33L carbonated water bottle, in shades of intense blue, offers the necessary hydration in the most sparkling way, maintaining the freshness of the water and offering an extra sparkle that will accompany you before, during or after a meal.

82,2 Ασβέστιο / Ca++
2,67 Μαγνήσιο / Mg++
0,0 NH4 +
2,51 Νάτριο / Na+
0,82 Κάλιο / K+
7,8 pH
243,7 HCO
3,23 Cl -
0,0 NO 2

The "sparkling" premium experience with bubbles!

Discover the elegant blue bottle that makes every moment special, in three different hydration and rejuvenation sizes.