Zagori Sparkling Lemon

Τhe fine bubbles now also in a new sleek 330 ml aluminum can! offering a unique uplifting taste experience! The new Zagori Sparkling lemon in 330 ml can  uniquely combines pure Zagori natural mineral water with sparkling bubbles and a tasty twist from natural lemon and lime aromas, for a refreshing dazzling effect!

82,2 Ασβέστιο / Ca++
2,67 Μαγνήσιο / Mg++
0,0 NH4 +
2,51 Νάτριο / Na+
0,82 Κάλιο / K+
7,8 pH
243,7 HCO
3,23 Cl -
0,0 NO 2

Discover the Sparkling in Can!

Now the refreshing and rejuvenating taste of Zagori Sparkling water in a new sleek 330 ml aluminum can!

The new Zagori Sparkling range combines pure natural mineral water from the Zagori area with natural aromas and fine added bubbles,  offering a healthy and uplifting taste experience! With, 0 calories and 0 sweeteners

  • 0% sugar
  • 0 sweeteners
  • 0 calories
  • Without added artificial aroma